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We are a market leader in the automotive industry with a long history of business in Malaysia. Apart from this, we are Four-time winners of the Honda CEO Award, an award given annually to honour its dealers’ outstanding performances.

Due to the rapid expansion and growth of our business, the following positions are available. We are looking for highly motivated, goal-driven, independent, and hands-on professionals to join the dynamic team at our Honda 3S Centre in Setia Alam, Selangor.

For vacancy enquiries, email us at: [email protected]

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Benefits of Employment

We offer a wide range of benefits to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.

Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

We assess the inclusion and diversity matters we face, sets strategic direction, and prioritizes our actions globally.

Honda Philosophy

We practice the Honda Philosophy, concept of “Respect for the Individual.” This means that we recognize and respect individual differences in one another, that we treat each other fairly, and that we establish relationships built on mutual trust.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to be a company that society wants to exist, we are engaged in various initiatives to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders and enhance customer satisfaction while moving proactively to fulfil its corporate social responsibility (CSR).