Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre

With our state-of-the-art facilities and Honda Qualified Service Personnel, you can be rest assured as you receive our complete assistance for your Honda certified vehicle body repair, paint work and accident claims.

Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre

Honda Tiong Nam Body and Paint Centre is your preferred Honda car repair partner. We are a world class state-of-the-art Honda vehicle body repair centre in Malaysia. Rest assured as our HQSP team of experienced and committed personnel assist you with your vehicle body repair, paint works and accident claims.

For inquiries about our services, please contact our Honda Body & Paint Centre helpline: +60129989375


The Best Body Repair & Paint Service for your Honda Vehicle

No matter the degree of damage, every Honda will go through a strict and thorough process of restoration to its original condition. (According to Honda Manufacturing Standards)

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Body, Frame & Collision Repair

Using Advanced Internationally Imported Equipment in the repair process According to Honda’s Manufacturing Standards & Quality.

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Spray Painting

Honda Manufacturing Standard of Paint Application, with waterborne paint technology ensuring quality finishing, better coverage & precise colour matching for your vehicle.

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Quick & Smart Repair

Latest & Advanced Primer System to cut spot repairs to minutes.

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Insurance Motor Claims & Renewal

Precise & Speedy Insurance Claim process ensuring maximised approval.

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Genuine Parts

Ensuring 100% only Honda Genuine Parts are used in your repair.


Get an inside tour of our centre

Experience our Body & Paint Centre via Virtual Walkthrough.

Virtual Walkthrough


State-of-the-art Body & Repair Equipment

Built with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment and tools available only at our Honda Body and Paint Centre, our qualified technicians ensure that your car is repaired to meet Honda’s High-Quality safety standards.

What to do during an accident

You can never anticipate where and when an accident will happen. But we can try to ease and manage the situation with this helpful guide.

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Step 1

Switch on hazard lights and stay away from the road. Move your vehicle to a safe spot on the side of the road and place warning triangle.

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Step 2

Is anyone hurt? If there is, immediately call 999.

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Step 3

If your vehicle is not drivable, turn off ignition and move to a safe spot.

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Step 4

Do not hand over your car or car keys to an unknown person (Especially unverified tow truck operators).*

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Step 5: Call 012-998-9375

Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre; 24 hours accident assist will attend and guide you with the process.**

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Let us do the rest!

Our Honda Qualified support personnel will provide you all the necessary advice/guidance & walkthrough!


*PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU INSIST YOUR VEHICLE HAS TO BE SENT TO TIONG NAM MOTOR HONDA BODY & PAINT CENTER AT THE UNDERSIGNED ADDRESS / CONTACT to avoid your car being mishandled to non-authorized workshops which may cause further unwanted risks & issues.

**Only make Communication / Arrangement / Settlement with Law Enforcer (If any) or the other Car Owner who is also caught in the accident.

If you are insured with Honda Insurance Package (HIP), you may contact 1800-18-1177 for Emergency & Towing assistance. If you are not insured under HIP, contact your private insurance company’s hotline.


The best customer service and repair quality for your Honda Car
HQSP Certified Personnel and Repairer
Our personnel & repairers are certified by Honda in delivering the best quality of service to you.
World-Class Equipment
Only the best equipment are used to restore the integrity, precision, and performance of your Honda
Honda Warranty
Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is covered by Honda’s Warranty Program*

*Terms and Conditions apply

Honda Tiong Nam Body & Paint Emergency Hotline

During an accident/emergency, please contact our direct number for fast, efficient and worry-free assistance.

Honda Tiong Nam Body & Paint Emergency Hotline

During an accident/emergency, please contact our direct number for fast, efficient and worry-free assistance.