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Honda Genuine Engine Cleaner

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Honda Genuine Engine Cleaner has undergone stringent quality and performance testing by Honda Research & Development (R&D) Japan. Regular use protects your engine against carbon deposits. Your engine is powered by the combustion of fuel and air mixture. Over time, this process generates carbon deposits. As deposits accumulate, the engine becomes more and more sluggish. This is where the Honda Genuine Engine Cleaner helps to restore your engine’s performance.

  • Cleans & protects the fuel injector, including exhaust valves
  • Reduces engine knocking
  • Improves engine power & starting ability
  • Promotes better fuel efficiency
  • Higher content of engine cleaning additives as compared to other brands
  • Cleans deposits more effectively
  • Specially designed by Honda R&D Japan to clean & protect Honda engines
  • Significant & noticeable improvements in engine performance
  • Top up every 5000 km into fuel tank