Honda Extended Warranty Package (EWP) complimentary 1st year warranty which cover engine & transmission only for Honda Certified Used Car are subject to exclusions on specific parts & components. Please contact us for further information.

It’s an extended warranty underwritten by an insurance policy on your vehicle, to safeguard against expensive, unforeseen repairs. It covers repairs for a period of 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first.

All internal components contained within the transmission casings and the engine (powertrain only) are covered such as the following:

  • Turbo / supercharger
  • Engine system
  • Transmission system
  • Electrical – engine & transmission
  • External / additional components
  • Control unit

Excluded items

  • Fastener 
  • Wear & tear items 
  • Normal service items, eg : engine oil, oil filter, brake fluid, steering fluid, brakepads, gasket, o-ring, seal, oil seal, bolt, flange, screw, nut, pipe, mounting.

To enjoy the extended warranty package, customers are required to service at Authorised Honda service center in order to claim the covered warranty.

Kindly do refer to our HCUC microsite for the list of available dealers.

We will only accept Honda cars trade in through HCUC however there are some pre requisites the vehicle needs to adhere in order to be accepted. Please do contact us for further information.

You are welcome to trade in your non Honda vehicle, it will be traded in through the normal practice at our dealership.

The vehicle will undergo a comprehensive 288 point inspection by our Honda certified inspectors at the dealership. Vehicle valuation will be based on the inspection result & market value.

It will usually take 2 hours or lesser for us to provide the valuation. Please do make an appointment with us before taking your car in for valuation to save time.

You do not have to go to JPJ for the name transfer, this process will be done at the dealership itself.

The valuation is free of charge.


Components and Parts Covered

The following parts/components are covered under this Extended Warranty:

  • Engine
    • Cylinder block, and all internal lubricated parts including; crankshaft and main bearings, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket.
    • Crankcase, crankshaft vibration dampers.
    • Oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil filter casing and all inner parts/core parts that are connected with the oil circuit (excluding joints and gaskets).
    • Fly wheel and drive pulley with toothed rim.
    • Camshaft belt respectively camshaft drive chain with clamping device and tension/reversing pulley.
    • Mechanical parts of the suction pipe.
    • Turbocharger with control unit, rotary engine casing.
    • If the scheduled maintenance intervals for the camshaft belt respectively camshaft drive chain with peripheral parts had not been kept, the warrantor is discharged of his obligation under this warranty.
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission:
    • Gearbox casing and all inner parts.
    • Torque converter.
    • Electronic control unit for automatic transmission.
    • Electro hydraulic switch gear unit.

Components and Parts Not Covered

  1. All components & parts not mentioned under component and parts covered.
  2. Paintwork, bodywork, water ingress and corrosion, glass, lenses, trim, bright work, door lock cylinders and airbags.
  3. Wheels, wheel balancing, tyres, exhaust system and catalytic converter.
  4. Engine tuning, cleaning of fuel lines, filters, nozzles, carburettors and pump, drive belts that are not encased, impact or external damage, decarbonisation and failures caused by the build-up of carbon deposits (including burnt valves).
  5. All wiper blades and rubber, hoses, pipes and unions.
  6. Mountings (including engine mountings), tapings, supports, fixings and fastening devices that have been incorrectly repaired or replaced or are subject to routine servicing adjustments.
  7. Batteries, wires, terminals, reconnecting of disturbed electrical connections, lamps, bulbs, fuses, audio and in-car entertainment equipment and aerials and car telephones.
  8. Failure of clutch and brake materials due to wear, adjustment, alignments and any items associated with manufacturer’s recommended routine servicing, or failure due to the lack of oils or coolant through neglect.
  9. Sales and gaskets that are subject to replacement or refinement as part of the normal service schedule.
  10. Fuel, chemical, materials, additives, hydraulic fluids, oils or grease except where required in direct connection with a repair to a covered part.
  11. The cost of normal servicing, service items and other items which can be expected to wear as part of their function.


This Policy does not cover any loss damage to liability or costs directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to or arising from or consequence of:-

  1. To any parts and components not listed under the heading of Parts Covered herein.
  2. Whilst the vehicle is used for racing, competitions, rallies, motor sporting events or of a purpose for which it is not licensed.
  3. Any alterations or modifications not approved by the manufacturer or the use of fitting of any parts or accessories that do not conform with the manufacturer’s specifications or modification of a component from the manufacturer’s specification.
  4. Damage resulting from accident, fire, or other casualty, loading beyond the specified vehicle weight rating or losses that would be covered under a Motor Insurance Policy.
  5. Not serviced in accordance with the Service Requirement of the manufacturer, abuse or the continued use of the vehicle after a fault has become evident.
  6. Slight irregularities not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle or parts such as slight noise or vibration and defects appearing only under particular or irregular operations.
  7. Gradual reduction in operation performance commensurate with age and kilometers covered by the vehicle, normal wear and tear or deterioration.
  8. Claims where the fault causing the Mechanical Breakdown was evident prior to the expiry of the manufacturer’s normal warranty.
  9. Consequential loss of any kind.
  10. Liabilities to third parties.
  11. War and kindred risk.
  12. Nuclear or radiation risks.
  13. Pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at sonic or super sonic speeds.
  14. Manufacturer’s recall.
  15. In any way connected with the use or operation of any computer, computer system, computer software, programme or process of any electronic system as a consequence of (a) date change to the year 2000 or any other date change and/or (b) any change or modification of or to such computer, computer software, programme or process or any electronic system in relation to any such date change.
  16. The excess stated in the Schedule for each and every claim.