New Jazz Hybrid

New Jazz Hybrid
Move to the Sportier Side of Jazz
The New Jazz Hybrid delivers a sporty drive powered by the Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual-Clutch Drive (i-DCD). This engine switches seamlessly between a fuel-efficient electric mode and exhilarating sport mode, a combination of electric motor and engine power that gives you the equivalent horsepower of a 1.8L engine.

1.5L Hybrid (Retail Price Without Insurance)   :  RM 84,880

Sport Hybrid i-DCD

New 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC - Advanced engine provides outstanding fuel efficiency.

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission - Dual clutches allows for quick shifting through gears to enhance the sporty drive.

High-Power Lithium-ion Battery - A technology advancement creates a compact yet durable and high-power battery with higher capacity for better performance.

Fully Electric Driven Compressor - By forgoing a belt-driven compressor for a fully electric system, the load on the engine is reduced and the air conditioners continues to cool even when your car is idle.

Electric Servo Brake System - A specially designed system that gives you a smooth braking feeling at all speeds.
How does a Honda Hybird work?


Shift by Wire  - A cutting-edge design for the gear stick, developed especially for Honda Hybrids.

Sport Mode - Press the 'S' button to enter into the exhilarating Sport Mode.

Meter Cluster - A stunning meter cluster with Information Display that shows where your car is drawing energy from, an analysis of your fuel consumption and more.
Multi Information Display

Energy Flow - 1) EV Drive Mode, 2) Hybrid Drive Mode, 3) Engine Drive Mode.

Fuel Economy  - Average fuel consumption & driving distance balance

Drive Info  - Average speed, Average journey time

Sport Meter  - Displys when driving on Sport Mode

ECO Display  - 1) Braking is too hard, 2) Good acceleration and braking, 3) Acceleration is too rapid

Customise  - Adjust settings such as volume of keyless entry beep or duration of interior dimmer

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