Honda Insurance Plus
Enjoy the best value for an insurance plan that is exclusively for Honda owners.


You'll never know when the unforeseen might happen but we will ensure our team is there to help you get back on the road, fast and safely.

Roadside Repair Service
24 Hours Emergency Towing
Hassle-free Claim Assistance


Each car repaired in our Body & Paint Centre is inspected by specialists who comply to Honda standards. That’s why you can confidently drive with peace of mind.

100% Genuine Body & Part Replacements
Speedy Claim Approval
Medical* and Personal Assistance*


HIP now comes with extended coverage terms and better savings from replacement costs.

100% Pay-out for Theft or Total Loss
100% Coverage on Accidental Repairs
100% Coverage for Cars up to 10 Years Old
24 Hours Emergency Towing
* Terms and conditions apply.


If a breakdown or accident happens, ensure only HIP authorised
tow truck to transport your car to Tiong Nam Motor Body & Paint Centre.

Call 1-800-18-1177
Our Insurance Panel:
HIP vs Non-HIP
Comparison HIP and other insurers.
100% Pay-out for Theft or Total Loss
Agreed Value Up to 13 Years
Unconditional coverage based on market value.
100% Coverage on Accidental Repairs
No excess clause up to 10 years.
May impose excess clause or even decline repairs
(based on vehicle age, model, age of insured and /or claims history).
100% Coverage for Cars up to 10 Years Old
No hidden cost when you repair your car at Honda Authorised Body & Paint Centres (No betterment).
Betterment clause applied for cars above 4 years old for part replacements.
24 Hours Emergency Towing
Accident*, breakdown and flood up to 450km round trip to nearest Honda Authorised Body & Paint Centre.
Free towing service may not be available and for breakdown and accident only.
Roadside Repair Services
Free labour up to RM200 per event, not inclusive of spare parts.
Similar services available with free labour up to 2 hours.
Speedy Claim Approval
Get your car faster with pre-approved claim below RM20,000 repaired at Honda Authorised Body & Paint Centres.
Standard claim procedures which may take weeks.
100% Genuine Body & Part Replacements
With six months warranty or 10,000km service warranty.
No guarantee.
Might repair with used or counterfeit parts.
Up to RM 15,000 Personal Accident Coverage No coverage for Personal Accident

Special Allowances

 RM 1,500 for Flood Damage

 RM 1,500 for Car Theft or Total Loss

 RM 1,000 for Lost or Damaged Key Reimbursement

No Additional Special Allowances
Additional Services

 Medical & Legal assistance
 Personal assistance
 Road tax renewal
 NCD withdrawal and transfer
 Cover note issuance
 Arrangement of flights

Standard services.
* Terms and conditions apply.
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